Can We Talk About Soulmates?

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I believe in soulmates. Sort of. Not really. I mean, not the way you're probably thinking. And I would like to propose that we redefine soulmate to mean what I think it means because I think it's better.

The definition I would like to reject is that we all are sucking voids of half-souls, hobbling around looking for the one special person whose half-soul matches ours to make us whole again. And we were nothing without each other and will be nothing if we are ever apart again!

Ugh, right?

Here is how I would like to define soulmate: a whole, entire person who, when we meet, it feels like we have a special kinship. There is a connection that just isn't there with everyone. It feels special. Like, just maybe, your souls are friends (or mates, as the Brits would say).

The really fun part is that you can actually experience this with multiple people. Friends, family, partners, co-workers, you can have so many soulmates! And then if someone has to move away or otherwise the relationship ends, it's sad, but it's not like you are losing half your soul. You'll be okay.


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