Learning! Roundup: Happy Horses, Travel Documents, a New STI, Ritualistic Eating, and More!

Learning roundup: happy horse snorts, travel documents, and more racism in the legal system
Photo by Genevieve Perron-Migneron.

Snorting Horses

You know that adorable snorting sound horses make? Turns out they make it because they are HAPPY! Awwww! Just thinking about happy horses makes me happy!

Travel Docs for Women With Their Own Last Name

Have a husband and child(ren) but didn't change your last name? WELL. Apparently, border agents might just decide your child doesn't belong with you and will chide you that you really should have taken your husband's name. It's stupid, but I guess you should travel with a copy of the birth certificate. (Or, apparently, a note from the father, vouching for you? Which just feels worse to me.)


There's a new STI in town, and while this one is just an infection that should be treatable with antibiotics, it is, apparently, on the road to resistance already. Oh, and it usually doesn't present symptoms, but it can lead to infertility in women.

Ritualistic Eating

Apparently, performing small, meaningless rituals while eating actually helps people eat fewer calories. It can be as simple as knocking a pattern on the table, doing a series of hand gestures, or arranging your food in a particular way on your plate before you start eating. It is both strange that this is actually effecting in reducing calorie intake and also reminds me of little rituals people with eating disorders tend to follow.

Sports and Judgements

Hey, look! More evidence of unconscious bias in the legal system! A new study shows that judges give harsher sentences to black defendants after their favourite sports team loses.

Narcissism Wins?

Narcissists, or people who think they are better than everyone else, may be annoying, but they are also successful. So sayeth the science.

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