Daria: A Retrospective of Detachment

Apparently, Daria, like everything else awesome from the 90's, is being dug out of its grave and forced into a reboot.

Like most Old Dames of the millennial generation (you know, those of us who are technically millennials, but grew up without the internet so are basically the elders of the generation, telling harrowing tales of dial-up and rotary phones to our more youthful counterparts), I am not into the idea. Daria was a perfect reflection of its era and now that we actually live in a sick, sad world, I just don't see it working.

So I thought we could celebrate/mourn with a retrospective on some of Daria's finest moments. The retrospective will be made up of gifs because, you know, old media/new media. It's deep, y'all. (All gifs from Giphy.)

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