Inspiration! Roundup: Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie Continues to Amaze, Fabric Souls, Twinning with Mom, and More!

This week's "I want to go to there": This seems like just the right amount and kind of weird for me right now.
Think I can take a sip without spilling???
Photo by Thought Catalog.

Chimamanda on the World

This interview with novelist Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie is AH-MAZ-ING! It's not a surprise that this woman is brilliant, but she talks about everything, from the fact that she knows very sexist people who she still likes to a short story she wrote about Melania Trump (that I am now desperate to read).

I will be honest, reading anything by or about Adichie is both inspirational and deflating. She is too incredible.

Fabric Souls

These Markus Åkesson portraits of people covered in fabric are creepy and awesome.

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Twinning with Mom

Artist Vivek Shraya has recreated photos of her mother from the 70s, and the series is quite stunning.

This Fruit is Glowing

Dennis Wojkiewicz has painted a stunning series of illuminated fruit portraits. It's still life brought to a whole new level. See more on Colossal.


“Your group of friends are better than any drug or anti-aging supplement, and will do more for you than just about anything.”
-Tara Parker-Pope

(It's true! Friendship is the best thing!)

Books Books Books!

Go visit Elizabeth Sagan's Instagram feed. She creates the coolest art photos using stacks and stacks of books.

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