Action Items: Things to Do to Help Fight Evil and Save the World

Action Items are notes from the "Let's Save the World" committee meetings in my head. A collection of some news items and articles that may fire up a desire for action, and then at least one suggested action item to follow up. It won't be comprehensive of every single thing in the world and all the ways to fix it, but it will be something, and something is better than nothing.

Some of the Things That Are Happening:

A US Court has decided that students in Detroit do not have the right to access literacy. They have the right to go to school, and those schools have to be open, but they don't have the teach them anything. WT(actual)F?

Prime Minister Trudeau was accused of providing unwanted groping to a reporter 18 years ago. His response? "I don't remember it being a negative experience, but hey, she's entitled to her opinion." Of course, you don't remember it being negative! You were getting yours! Ugh.

To nobody's surprise, it turns out that gymnastics has a major sexual harassment and assault problem. The solution that is being considered? Not to increase safeguards or punishment for perpetrators, but to ban leotards. Because the problem is that the girls look too darn sexy.

Another Indigenous man was shot in Canada by a white man, and that white man got off with zero charges. Their defence was that his "military training" kicked in and he shot instead of calling the cops when someone was stealing his car. If our military is training soldiers to run off and deal with situations on their own, shooting people in the back, then we might need to retrain.

Listen, I know there is some drama about the whole "breast is best" thing here in North America, but the movement began because Big Formula was using very sneaky marketing practices to trick low-income women into thinking that their breastmilk wasn't good enough and they had to spend their non-existent money on formula. This is especially bad in developing countries where there isn't clean drinking water, and the US not only just voted against a UN World Health movement to encourage breastfeeding but bullied other countries into following suit.

There has been an ongoing saga in Canada around a show called SLĀV, a musical piece created by white artists with mostly white performers using African American slave songs and acting out things like cotton picking. It was protested, has finally been cancelled, and the show creators are doubling down on their defence of the work.

YES! In Iran it's against the law for women to dance in the streets, and these incredible dancers aren't having it! You go girls!

Action Item:

I kind of want to say "just don't be a jerk" this week, but that seems insufficient.

Let's all send Justin Trudeau a quick note about consent and sexual assault. He seems to have missed the memo that intention doesn't matter - it's the recipient's interpretation that matters. Here is how to reach him.

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