Inspiration! Roundup: The Future, Straightforward Questions, Growing Ideas, Toto Bona Lokua, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": Quiet moments with a cup of tea seem like... well, my cup of tea right now.
Photo by Chad Madden.

In the Future

An artist made a billboard to protest gentrification in a downtown Pittsburgh neighbourhood. The billboard read "THERE ARE BLACK PEOPLE IN THE FUTURE." I love it. It's afrofuturism in real life.


This is from a collection of advice on how to email busy people, but I would like us to apply it to everything. Let's just be straightforward about what we want! How refreshing and idea.

“If you want a meeting, ask for a meeting. Provide some time options and ask for a specified length. If you want an introduction, ask for an introduction. If you’re looking for funding, tell him you’re currently fundraising and ask to meet to show him your pitch. Don’t be sly. Don’t hint. Make the process ridiculously easy by just asking for what you want.”
-Jason Freedman

Permanent Press

Love the photography from Permanent Press, a Brooklyn-based arts studio.

How to Grow An Idea

What does a farmer who adopted a "do-nothing" approach to farming, simply fitting his farming into the greater ecosystem he was living in, have to do with with writing and other creative endeavours? This beautiful piece by Jenny Odell, On the Growth of Ideas, brings it all together.

"Ideas are intersections between ourselves and something else, whether that’s a book, a conversation with a friend, or the subtle suggestion of a tree. Ideas can literally arise out of clouds (if we are looking at them). That is to say: ideas, like consciousness itself, are emergent properties, and thinking might be more participation than it is production. If we can accept this view of the mind with humility and awe, we might be amazed at what will grow there."
-Jenny Odell

Toto Bona Lokua - Ma Mama

Lessons for Procrastinators

We often procrastinate as a method of self-preservation: if I never start, I can't fail; I need to figure out exactly what will happen first; I am not sure about the idea yet. This article with four pieces of wisdom for procrastinators is a knife to the heart of all that mumbo-jumbo and a handy inspiration for all of us to get going, already.

Have To/Don't Have To

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