Learning! Roundup: Power Posing Works Again, Aluminium in Your Armpit, New Brain Cells for the Old, and More!

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Power Posing - Now it Works Again!

A new analysis of 54 studies on power posing (the act of standing in "powerful" positions, like with your hands on your hips, to increase confidence and sense of power) shows that it does work and is worth further investigation. It's been a real rollercoaster of acceptance for power posing, from TED Talk fame to scorn, but maybe it's back! Everyone throw your hands into the air!

The Case for Anti-Perspirants That Work

I used to be all about the all-natural deodorant, even making homemade deo for a while. I fell off that wagon a few years ago and fell back under the spell of feeling gloriously dry in my armpits. Now here is a collection of evidence in favour of aluminium in your armpits. It's really fine.

New Brain Cells

Turns out that old people's brains produce just as many new brain cells as teenagers! We can stop thinking that our brains are slowly pruning down to nothing as we age. That's comforting.

Night Owl Death Rates

Sorry night owls, it looks like you are more likely to die. Also, have mental health problems, diabetes, and get too little exercise. Of course, this is because you are also unlikely to get enough sleep because chances are that even though you couldn't fall asleep until 2am, you still need to wake up for work in the morning. Sorry.

Increasing Vaccination Rates

Most research shows that, no matter what we try, we can't convince other people to change their belief that vaccines are somehow damaging. They aren't, but once someone has decided that it's pretty much impossible to turn them around. It turns out, though, that the more that is done to make it physically easier to get a vaccine, the more people get them. So you can change some behaviour, even if attitudes aren't changing!

Brag About Yourself

Need to come across as confident and like you have it together? If power posing isn't doing it for you, try writing a couple of paragraphs about your hopes and ambitions, or describe a situation where you had power over others. New research shows that will make you come across well to others.

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