Green Flag! How to Tell If Someone is a Good Person

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The internet can often be mistaken for the land where human decency goes to die, so I was super smitten with with Reddit thread polling for signs that a person is a keeper -- the "green flags" that someone is going to be good to have around.

It is a very encouraging read, full of small actions of kindness and consideration that made me go, "awwww, yeah, that is nice!"

Some of my favourites:

Remembering their commitments. (eg: "Hey I know I still owe you $20, can I get you dinner?")

Being willing to admit they are wrong and being okay with other people being wrong.

Picking up after themselves when out in public/common spaces.

Making an effort to point out people's good traits and let others know about them.

(Also, probably putting on a puffy green suit and dancing for your dog, but strangely that didn't make the list!)

See? Doesn't that just make you feel nice and warm inside? Like a bunny dancing with a sunbeam? Sure, the fact that someone puts their dirty cups in the bussing tray at the coffee shop doesn't mean they're a good person, but it sure as heck does indicate that they might be!

Image Source: Giphy

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