Inspiration! Roundup: Forgetting Self-Discipline, Reader Dances, Healing, Breath, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there":  I want to go on a big city vacation.
Photo by Jason Bricoe.

If You Wish You Had More Self-Discipline

I love this post from Tara Sophia Mohr about what we really need when we think we need self-discipline. Maybe instead of expecting ourselves to just do a thing, we need to set up a situation and system to encourage success. Maybe we need to address our fear. Maybe we need to adjust the goal.

Maybe we just need to love ourselves for who we are.

The Reader Dance

This short video, from An American in Paris, combines two of my favourite things: reading and dance! Love it!

Behind the Scenes of the Perfect Headshot

I love seeing the weird things people have to do behind the scenes to get an amazing image. Like this one.


"As some of you
will evolve in your lives to be healers
let me remind you that there are some souls
tat do not wish to be healed.

'You must be healed,'
s so often the message that is given
with the healing.
No they must not be healed.
Only if they want to.
And you are not the authority on that.
Do not inflict your will.

Just give love.
The soul will take that love
and put it where it can best be used."

This came from a Facebook post. If you know the author, please let me know!

Need to Breathe?

Be Original

"Yes, be original, but no, it's not helpful to be so original that we have no idea what you're doing."
-Seth Godin

Right in the Feels

Like You Love Yourself

Let's try it out.

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