Learning! Roundup: Actually Helpful Robots, Tree Heartbeats, Extinction and Large Penises, Smartphone Addiction, and More!

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The Robots Will Actually Save Us

FINALLY! They have invented a robot that can actually make our lives better! Scientists in Singapore have designed and programmed some robots to assemble Ikea furniture, and they can do it in 20 minutes.

Trees' Beating Heart

The more we learn about trees, the more amazing they are. Now it turns out that they have a heartbeat, it is just so slow we never noticed it before. Okay, it's more like pulses of water moving through them, but still! Be still my heart.

Large Penises and Extinction

When you study the fossils of long-dead creatures, a trend seems to emerge: species where the males evolution focussed on sex (the males were bigger than the females and they had proportionately larger penises), they were more likely to go extinct.

Smartphones Aren't Killing Us

New longitudinal research shows that cell phone addiction does not negatively impact teenagers' self-control. That's good, because something tells me we won't be getting rid of our phones any time soon!

Be An Effective Trans Ally

The 519, a Toronto-based support centre for LGBTQ youth, created this handy infographic on being a trans ally:

View it in context and see their other resources here.

Neuroimaging of Transcendental Meditation

The first study ever to get neuroimages of people in the midst of transcendental meditation found that they had more activity in their prefrontal cortex, and reduced activity in the pons (the back area of the brain).

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