What's Your 'Take Me or Leave Me'?

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One more thing that I thought about watching the musical RENT:

There is a song between Maureen and Joanne, the constantly-quarreling lovers (okay, every couple in this show is quarreling except for Angel and Tom because their love is perfect and thus bound for tragedy) called Take Me or Leave Me.

The basic premise is right there in the title: if you want to be with me, you've got to take me for who I am. If you can't, well then you'd better leave me, because this is it.

It made me think -- what is my "take me or leave me"? What is, at the end of the day, the the list of traits that may not be so great, but come with the package of being with me? The things that a person just sort of has to accept if they want us to be in each others' lives.

Here are a few I can think of:

I am always going to be a person who cries really easily. If you can't handle seeing someone cry, walk away.

I sing in random ways, all the time. Sometimes it's just turning the thing I'm going to say into a song and sometimes a pre-existing song pops into my head that perfectly suits the conversation. Either way, it's coming out of my mouth. I can temper it for different situations (I don't tend to burst into songs at fancy meetings - although at less-fancy meetings it has totally happened), but ultimately, if that deeply annoys you, then you will be deeply annoyed around me.

I am working at taking things less personally, but I still take things pretty personally.

I get very anxious if I have to keep unformed plans in my head and don't get to talk them out, make some basic decisions, and write them down - or at the very least confirm when those decisions will get made.

So there you go! TAKE ME BABY, OR LEAVE ME!!!!

What about you? What are the things about you that a person had better be ready to accept if they want to love you? Not your bad habits or occasional selfish behaviour, necessarily, but things that are a part of who you are?

PS: Just to be a killjoy I will point out that this goes both ways. Anyone we want to be in a relationship with will also have their own things that we have to accept. ALAS!

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