In Case You Weren't Sure About Incel Poison

Image: Andrew Neel.

After Alek Minassian murdered 10 people and injured many more with his van on a Toronto street, a lot of people have been learning about a very scary group: incels. It stands for "involuntary celibate", and is a label men who aren't able to find girlfriends put on themselves.

Since last week, I have read a few articles, and a lot of headlines (I couldn't bring myself to reward them with a click) about how labelling Minassian is pointless and not all incels are dangerous, and OH MY WORD I HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING.

The incel movement is incredibly dangerous and completely worthy of being pointed out, over and over again. It is not just a group of lonely men blowing off steam about how hard it is to date. It is a wasteland of anger and entitlement where men have coped with their loneliness by completely dehumanizing women (calling them all "Stacy"), as well as the attractive men who get their affections ("Chad").

There is a twisted logic where women are the ones who are "really" in power (feminism and claims of sexism are just false victimization that help us maintain power over men), and yet they basically see us as automatons who should be distributed evenly among the male population. Women are shallow and disgusting, used up by Chad, and yet for some reason they still want our attention.

Literally everything that women do gets warped into some bizarre sex-power dynamic where we are lusting after the attention of Chads while rejecting incels. To the point where the fact that women have more suicide attempts than men is because we are attention whoring to Chad.

Of course, there is real pain at the root of this: loneliness, isolation, rejection. Happy, well-adjusted people with a lot of friends don't tend to go down this path, and there is a ton of self-hatred in this world as well. But when a person in pain turns to a hate group, guess what happens? Scary things, that's what.

The subreddit r/inceltears is a great place to see some incel hatred collected in one place without delving all the way into a group of actual incels. Still, only go there if you want to feel a combination of anger, powerlessness, and confusion.

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