Learning! Roundup: Housework and Sex, How Acupuncture Works, Depressed Doctors, and More!

Image Source: Victoria Palocios

Housework and Sex

Heterosexually married people have better sex if the wives perceive that housework is being evenly divided. If actual fairness isn't a good enough reason for couples to be more equal in how they split housework, maybe this will do it.

A Window Into How Acupuncture Works

Thanks to new-and-improved microscopes, researchers have been able to parse out that, in between our skin and muscles lives a fluid-filled space they previously thought to just be connective tissue. This leads them to the question - is this how acupuncture works? Perhaps it helps develop pathways within this layer so that fluid travels to different areas of the body. Neat!

Depressed Doctors

Maybe your ER doctor has poor bedside manner because they are depressed. It turns out that doctors have four times the risk of depression by the time they reach residency. Yikes.

Sad People Know People

This is one of those kind of depressing findings: people who are a bit more sad and lonely (characterized as "melancholic introverts") understand other people better than their happier counterparts.


Here is a key difference between psychopaths and the rest of us: psychopaths are able to take the perspectives of others, but they don't do so automatically, while others do.

Children of Centenarians

If your parents live to be over 100, you are likely to feel a stronger sense of purpose and direction in life, which leads to all sorts of positive outcomes. What's kind of interesting about this is that you are likely to be pretty old yourself by the time your parent turns 100.

Morning Sickness

The first thing I learned once friends started having babies is that morning sickness doesn't just come in the morning. Then I learned that some people have brutal morning sickness, while others barely experience anything. Finally, I have now learned that scientists have identified two genes behind morning sickness so extreme, it puts mother and baby's health at risk.

Bad News for Trump Voters

A new study has shown that attitudes about gender and race were better predictors of supporting Trump than economic challenges. So... All those articles trying to remind us that not all Trump supporters are racist and sexist lost some of their footing. Awkward.

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