To Our Health: Physical Activity

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It's week three of my health class, guys! This week we talked about physical activity. (Check out what I learned about nutrition and stress management.)

Here are my notes:

Physical activity is referred to by many medical support professionals as "the most under-prescribed medication" because it helps with sleep, mood, and all sorts of other issues.

Anything is better than nothing. Ideally, we should aim for 150 mins of moderate activity per week (like walking, cycling) or 75 mins of vigorous intensity (running, sports).

75 mins a week is 10 mins a day. That is pretty doable.

A little bit every day can get lead to more consistency and better results than a big chunk a couple times a week.

Rethink rest - to be good to our bodies and actually feel refreshed, it's often better to do something light or moderate (like go for a walk) than nothing.

Takeaways and homework:

Fit in whatever - do ten squats every time you go to the bathroom.

Plan ahead. The things that matter to us get put in our schedules. This means that every week/day/whenever, you have to actually look at what you have planned and think about what kind of activity you can put in there.

Pick a few activities you like and do those. "You don't want to feel like you're punching yourself to be active."

You are less likely to reschedule if it's in the morning.

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