Learning! Roundup: Video game interviews, the agelessness of naked mole rats, maintaining friendships, and more!

Image by Eugene Kim on Flickr. CC.

Video Game Interviews

This sounds horrible to me, but apparently there is a rising trend of using video games in interview processes. Major corporations already use them to screen applicants, and as torturous as playing a balloon-inflation game in the stress of a job interview sounds to me, apparently this practice has seen an increase in female candidates overall. So, good for feminism at least?

The Agelessness of Naked Mole Rats

I honestly never thought I would write about naked mole rats, but apparently they don't age. The females can reproduce throughout their lives, and their risk of dying does not go up with age (unlike all other mammals.)

How to Maintain a Friendship

Since loneliness and isolation are basically becoming the main causes of death in developed nations, maybe we all need a primer on how to maintain our friendships. The advice is pretty straightforward: communicate your expectations and availability, and then actually make time for people.

How to Meditate Wrong

With all the research coming out about the benefits of meditation, you've probably wanted to give it a shot, if you haven't already. Why wouldn't you, knowing that you can be happier, healthier, at peace, less stressed, more imaginative, and sprout angel wings just by sitting quietly for 10-60 minutes a day??? Well, turns out that's all a mistake. We're doing it wrong.

Intellectual Humility

Intellectual Humility is our openness to new ideas and willingness to see ourselves as wrong and learn from others. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a new study shows that people high in intellectual humility are more open to constructive discussions with people who disagree with them and don't write off their opponents as simple idiots. Seems like we could use more of this.

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