Inspiration! Roundup: Pet dragons, Native Americans on race, Lina Iris Viktor's gold, the changemaker's triangle, and more!

This Week's "I want to go to there": If winter won't leave me alone, well then let's lean into it and party with a Snow Duchess and her huskies.
Photo by Isi Akahome.

Fashion Goes Full Creep

This is not a drill, Gucci sent a model down the runway carrying a baby dragon! And now there are a ton of art variants on Instagram. Like this super dreamy rendition:

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(Also, apparently there were a bunch of models carrying their own severed heads, so expect fashion to really lean wayyyyy into the creepy this year.)

Wear it All

This photo series of people trying to wear all their clothes is both beautiful and hilarious!

Native Americans on Race

Listen to these strong Native Americans discuss their relationship with race.

Before You Look at Your Phone

Here's an idea from Lifehacker: before you go to look at your phone, announce the reason you're doing it. Might that motivate you to stop before you start?

Lina Iris Viktor

I am so in love with artist Lina Iris Viktor's work! The gold is so rich and vibrant, I want to get to know it better. (Also, she claims Kendrick Lamar stole her work after she denied it being used in the Black Panther movie, so I applaud this bold woman for saying no to what must have been a crazy money making opportunity that - presumably - went against her values, and for standing up to another powerhouse in the form of a rapper using her work.)

The Changemaker's Triangle
"The instigator is the author, the dreamer, the writer. She creates a screenplay, founds a non-profit, says what needs to be said.
The editor curates. Picks and chooses. Amplifies the essential and deletes the rest.
And the publisher scales it. Turns it into a business or a success on some other metric.
-Seth Godin"
I need to sit with this concept a while longer, I think it will provide me with some clarity.

Teens Saving Us All

This feature on the teenagers who are fighting back after the Florida school shooting is giving me hope - for them, for the future, and that I can do something too.

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