Inspiration! Roundup: Accepting Love, Cat Balloons All the Way Down, What Would a Rich Person Do?, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": Fly me to the moon!
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Accepting Love

I love this quote on the broken relationship we have with being open and receptive to love.
"It’s odd, but wouldn’t you say that in our universe of worked-out bodies and worked-out minds, that to be receptive is looked upon as “weak,” a passive vessel for someone else’s love and dreams? So, instead of embracing the generosity inherent in being able to accept love, the receptors among us punish themselves by adopting stereotypical “needy” behavior, warping their instincts to look “active,” the better to satisfy an audience’s view of what it means to be open."
-Hilton Als (via Brain Pickings)

Cats Balloons All the Way Down

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What Would a Rich Person Do?

I am NOT a fan of our capitalist hierarchy in society, however, it is an interesting idea, once faced with a barrier in life, to ask yourself, "what would a rich person do?" It is always beneficial to think about a problem from a new perspective, and hey, sometimes it might be worth throwing a little extra money at a problem, when you can manage.

Improving Shakespeare

Someone set about replacing every "alas" in Shakespeare's plays with "aw shit!" It's pretty spectacular.

For example: "Aw shit! Fifteen wives is nothing." (Merchant of Venice Act II, Scene 2)

It Reflects Poorly

Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi was asked by a French journalist if there are bookshops in Nigeria. She responds so beautifully.

Ski Ballet

DID YOU KNOW SKI BALLET USED TO BE A THING? Try to get past the super 80's hair and watch this spectacular artistry.

Learn from Others

The most recent Hurry Slowly podcast episode was about not rushing our "ah-ha" moments, but the most powerful bit for me was towards the end when Bill Duggen discusses the importance of including other people in our work.
"You can improve your memory, not in speed, but you can improve what's in it by adding things to it. Especially learning the experiences of others."
I also LOVE this concept! We always want to make our memories better by making them more accurate or faster, but what about filling them with more variety of information?

Tonari No Totoro

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