What if there really are invisible people?

Photo by Paulo Fefe. CC.

What if there really are invisible people? Like, a lot of them.

They could be everywhere, walking around us and we can't even tell.

They probably have better things to do than stand around looking over our shoulders while we write notes to each other in class, but maybe not. Every culture is different. Is the culture of invisible people one based around spying?

Maybe they like to help us, pushing us out of the way of cars or nudging important reports into more prominent view.

Maybe they like to mess with us and that's what happened to the pen I put it down on my bed five seconds ago.

Maybe they are smarter than us and get so frustrated and want to scream, but can't, because then we would know that they are there and the first rule of invisibility is to not get caught.

Maybe we are like their pets, or maybe they don't even pay attention to us and do all these invisible things we can't see and don't care about either.

Maybe they have parties sometimes, and that's why you walk into a room with music pumping and no one is there.

Maybe sometimes they forget that they are invisible and try to hold something behind their backs to hide it, and that's why we have ghost stories.

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