Inspiration! Roundup: Gender neutral clothes, woodland fantasies, flowers in space, and more!

This Week's "I want to go to there": I am digging bright brightness these days.
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Gender Neutral Clothes

UK-based retailer John Lewis has gone the way of awesomeness and made their children's clothing line gender neutral! They are just clothes! I love it. Where else can we remove gender separations?

Woodland Animations

I am entranced by Alexandra Dvornikova's woodland animations.

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Flowers in Space

Japanese artist Azuma Makoto launched flowers into space and photographed their journeys. SPACE! I am blown away that this was even possible, and fully love the resulting images.

50 Year Plan

Looks good to me.

Wisdom from Simon Amstell

"You can do this. You're a person who can exist in real life."

In case you needed a mantra to get you through today.

The Best Dancers of All Time

This video has been making the rounds with the title "The best dancers of all time". I won't argue for or against the "all time" claim, but they are dang good.

Middle Child Soap

As a middle child, I truly and deeply love this middle child soap. "Largely invisible scent," it says. "Go ahead and dye your hair purple. No one will notice."

Best marketing ever.

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