This is why horoscopes are great

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I really like horoscopes, and I read them every chance I get. I don't believe that our reality is in any way influenced by the positions of the stars, I just think it's nice to get some encouragement every once in a while. (Okay, if I'm honest with myself, I'm sure a part of my brain is hoping that I'm actually getting a window into my future, but there is also a small part of my brain that is hoping I will get owl post from Dumbledore.)

Here's the most recent one I read, coming from Loose Lips Mag, and it proves my point:
Honour yourself for all the hard work you’ve done grappling with your inner demons and facing your deepest fears. You are almost out of the woods: there is just one last push. In early September, seek to give voice to the depths of your mind, to bring to light the fears, patterns, assumptions, that have been lurking in the darkness. Bringing light to the darkness enables freedom and healing.
Right???? So good!!!

When is it NOT good advice to explore the depths of your mind and bring it to the light? Even if I'm not actually "almost out of the woods" with my inner demons (I mean, when are we ever done with those sneaky jerks?), it's sure nice to get a little encouragement along the way.

That's not all! That's just my Virgoscope. Other people are encouraged to play and explore creativity, clarify family relationships, take initiative, and pursue their big dreams. THIS IS ALL GREAT ADVICE. Let's do it, guys. Let's do it all.

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