Inspiration! Roundup: The space between where I am and where I want to be

This Week's "I want to go to there": This happy, jumping, dancing moment.
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Turtle Art

I love this art by Lisa Ericson, with turtles carrying more than just their shells.

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Oh goodness, imagine if this could be true:
"I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me."

Samuel Beckett's Cats

I struggled with whether this should be a cute post or an inspirational post, but I just love the concept so much. Someone took Samuel Beckett quotes and created motivational cat posters out of them. "I must be happy... it is less pleasant than I should have thought."


Helping Boys Read Girls' Books

I love this article. We focus so much these days on empowering young girls, and that is great, but we also need to help young boys see empowered girls as normal. CAN YOU IMAGINE if artificial gender roles were just not a thing for the next generation? Okay, that's not possible, but check out this article on how to help boys read girls' books if you've got a young boy in your life.

Pseudo-Inspirational Advice

Let's all take this next one with a grain of salt, since it quickly leads to unhelpful attitudes that all bad things happen for a reason (as if that alone should make us feel good after tragedy strikes.) Mostly I just like it for the first line, because my parents used to sometimes drive the long way home "to teach me patience."

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Toxic Masculinity

It's an intro to gender studies concept that the patriarchy hurts everyone, not just men. But some of us live in a little liberal bubble for so long, we forget that a) not everyone has learned this stuff in an academic setting and b) the terminology can be alienating. That's why I love comics like this one, by Luke Humphris, explaining toxic masculinity.

It reminds me that throwing around buzzwords can work fine for those who already agree with me, but better explanations are required for those outside my personal bubble. It is also a really beautiful and heartbreaking description of the impact of toxic masculinity, in case you needed a little emotional punch in your day.

FINALLY, Some Good News

Federal prisons in America are now required to provide pads and tampons for free. Yessssssss! I tried to find out if this is the case in Canada, but Google was full of news articles about this American turnabout. Anyone know?

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