Guys! Something not very realistic happened - on a TV SHOW!

If you like to watch TV shows about supernatural things, like, say, Buffy, you may have noticed a weird trend.

On these shows, wherein the world at large does NOT recognize the presence of supernatural beings, regular people who feel they aren't getting enough wealth, dates, or medals, quickly turn to summoning demons.


I mean, I realize that these shows aren't exactly paragons of verisimilitude (oooooh, look at that fancy word I just pulled out!), but really? A regular person is unsatisfied with their life, finds a dusty old library book with ceremonies for summoning demons, and says, "sure, why not?"

And then, naturally, they have no problem sacrificing other humans to that demon in order to get their wealth/dates/medals. Because any person will shrug their shoulders at that when presented the opportunity.

(I have nothing else to say here, the entire point of this post is pointing out that something unrealistic happened on Buffy. The show where, not only do vampires et al. exist, but every generation chooses one teenage girl to fight them, and then I guess the rest of the world where she doesn't live suffers quite a bit with unchecked evil. Oh, and secret government organizations put chips in vampires heads to keep them from being violent and gypsies curse other vampires to have a soul that they'll only lose if they are really happy which comes from having sex with a vampire slayer and thousand year-old demons are afraid of bunnies.)

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