Learning! Roundup: Crown shyness, an ancient Turtle Island village, new new year, and more!

Crown Shyness! Photo source: Wikimedia

Crown Shyness

Have you heard of this? There are some trees that avoid touching, creating these spaces between their branches. Neat!

Ice Age Village

A 14,000-year old village has been discovered in Canada! For context, that's older than the pyramids. It's on Triquet Island, off the BC coast, and its existence lines up with narratives from the Heiltsuk Nation. It completely changes the narrative for how people came to North America, AND provides a nice little "See? We told you so!" to oral histories.

Gender-Swapped Babies

Get ready to roll your eyes at some gender stereotypes. In a social experiment, the BBC had two babies (a boy and a girl) swap clothes, and then had volunteers who don't know them play with them. The baby "girl" was consistently handed soft, cuddly, sweet toys, and the baby "boy" was consistently given more active toys that promote spatial awareness.

UK Midwives Change Their Tune

Midwives in the UK have quietly pulled their campaign to promote natural births, along with many doctors. A new campaign, called "Maternity Outcomes Matter" is emerging that (shocker) prioritizes safety of mother and baby over the process of childbirth. It's not just about pain medication - during low-complication births with midwives, they decide whether to call in medical intervention, and apparently about ¾ of babies who died or were born with brain damage could have had different outcomes with earlier medical help.

A New New Year

This proposed new standard year calendar is kind of mind-blowing. 13 months of 28 days each, plus one bonus day (New Year's Day). In this set up, the days of the week are consistently the same date. The 1st is always Sunday. It's kind of perfect. We should do it, but we'll never do it.

(Bonus: with a 28-day month, that means that any woman who has perfectly regular menstruation will have her period always on the same days of the month. Neat!)

Temperature Anomalies Through Time

Finnish research Antti Lippon created some stark visuals showing climate change.

Image by Antti Lippon on Flickr

See more of his graphs and further explanation here.

Educated Parents Benefit Again

More evidence that socioeconomic status matters: better educated parents are more likely to have children who are relaxed, outgoing, and explorative.

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