Inspiration! Roundup: Edie Windsor, sketchbooks, dance parties, being alone forever, and more!

This Week's "I want to go to there": Magical floating cities.
Image by Mysticartdesigns

Edie Windsor

A woman named Edie Windsor died last week. I had never heard of her, but it turns out that she took on the American government and freaking won. She was a lesbian whose wife died about five years ago, and somehow she was left with a $363,000 bill that she wouldn't have received if her spouse had been a man. She fought back, sued the government, and won, widening marriage equality rights across America. Go Edie! Glad you get to rest now.

Tank and the Bangas

I just discovered a new band! Tank and the Bangas! They are incredible. There is much to love here, the music, the spirit of every single band member, and those AMAZING banana pants.

I think it's possible that this video is some kind of improvised performance, but either way, it's the bomb and I've added these guys to my Spotify, BECAUSE I WOULD BE A FOOL NOT TO!

Sketchbook Library

I have always loved flipping through artist's sketchbooks. There is something very special captured in a book where someone tests, practices, and draws whatever the heck they feel like. Now there's a library of sketchbooks. Magical!

Street Dance Party

This dance has been making the rounds on my Facebook page. I love it!

Forever Alone

This article really struck me: when can you just say that you'll be alone forever and not have it be some big dramatic statement? As someone who has spent most of her life as a single person (despite currently being in a relationship), with some friends who also tend towards singleness, I feel this question. At some point, can't we all just be okay with someone being single?

What Were You Wearing?

Artist Jen Brockman has created an exhibit of clothing that people were wearing when they got raped. Just in case you, or someone you know, wonders about that. The array of clothing and styles is stunning and makes it painfully clear that a person's clothes are not the problem.

My friend posted this on Facebook with the simple caption "art is awesome". FULLY AGREED.

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