Gilmore Girls - Fall frustration and freak outs

Okay, I finally watched the last episode of the Gilmore Girls. I took two notes during the entire show (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS ALL THE SPOILERS):

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Note #1: The Life and Death Brigade passes their time walking in front of storefronts and posing on rooftops now, do they? A little dull compared to leaping off buildings.

Note #2: Rory gets a house handed to her. Of course she does.

Guys. I was not a Gilmore Girls fanatic when the show was on, but I have a great fondness for Stars Hollow, and while it was glorious to be back there, this season (and by season I mean series of episodes, not the "Fall" episode) really magnified everything that I found ludicrous about the show in the first place.


  • They always have money to do things, including flying across the ocean and/or country on whims, buying all the outdoorsy stuff (this is very expensive), and eating out every meal all the time. I know this is a common TV thing, but it especially sticks out in their reality.
  • The eating. The food. It's just kind of offensive. I know it's supposed to be a part of the charm of the show that they love to eat so much and eat so unhealthily, but it's actually ridiculous. Especially combined with the fat shaming.
  • The fat shaming. These two women who spend all their time doing nothing but consume junk food and never exercise and then maintain magically tiny bodies make fun of others with larger bodies. Badly done.
  • The whiteness. I know Stars Hollow is a small town in middle America, a magical place we all imagine to be full of white people with American flags that never touch the ground, but how are there still only three non-white characters on the show? Well, more if you count Mrs. Kim's brow-beaten Korean choir, but they are more props than characters.
  • The complete lack of fortitude on Rory's part. Lorelei doesn't have a ton of fortitude either, but I'm going to give her more grace for having been a teen mother, which might have used up a lot of her fortitude.

Then there's those last four words.

I didn't take any notes on those because, well, what am I supposed to note?

That it's the most stupid, idiotic ending ever?

That, oh, great, now everything has come full circle and Rory is going to be the next unwed mother and undoubtably have another daughter with a distant, rich father? (I'm assuming the father is Logan, but I really hope it's that Wookie Man and then she has to track him down and finds out that he's actually a really awesome dude who she unfairly judged for dressing like a wookie, and then she falls for him but it's too late because he's seen that she's shallow and terrible and he'll be a good dad but otherwise uninvolved.)

For those of you saying, "well, they'll be a sequel now", NOPE. This is how the creator always envisioned ending the story. With this stupid like mother, like daughter, it all comes around, nobody learns or grows or anything changes, ending. Fine. Great. Whatever.

OH! And Rory's book! Does anyone else hate it when a movie or TV show or play ends with the character having written the story of the play/movie/TV show? As soon as Jess told Rory to write about her life and relationship with her mom, my eyes started rolling and the eye roll reached its peak when Lorelei told her to drop the "The" in the title - "Just, Gilmore Girls. It's cleaner." UGH. EYES. ROLLING. ALL. OVER. THE. FLOOR.

ALSO, THEY NEVER RESOLVED THE LETTER! The letter that Emily claims Lorelei left her that she will never forgive her for that Lorelei is adamant she didn't write. Did she? Who is lying and/or mistaken? What could be so terrible in that letter? This is an unacceptable hanging thread.

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