Learning! Roundup: Christmas history, busyness, movies, a crow's ear, and more

Learning! Roundup: The pagan, drunken history of Christmas, stay busy, stay important, what a crow's ear looks like, free movies, and more

The Drunken, Pagan History of Christmas

Most people know by this point that December 25th is probably not actually the day Baby Jesus emerged dramatically into a stable. The entire history of the holiday is pretty fascinating, though. Watch and learn!

Stay Busy, Seem Important

It's been clear for a while that the new social currency is busyness. As a member of the generation that can never get ahead, we don't have wealth, cars, families, and houses to mark our social growth. Instead, we can just get busier and busier. The more we're doing, the more our lives are advancing, right?

New research has shown that the busier someone is, the more important they are perceived to be. So it's working, guys! We are stressing ourselves into the appearance of a life with social capital. Who cares if we're too busy to enjoy it?

Movie Night!

By now most people have their go-to places to watch movies online, but in case you needed another option, Reddit has come to the rescue! Go to r/fullmoviesonvimeo for full movies (uploaded onto Vimeo, I guess).

A Crow's Ear

Have you ever wondered what a crow's ear looks like? Me neither! But now we can both know!

Also, I feel like the term "a crow's ear" should become slang. Example sentence: "I don't give a crow's ear what you say you did! There are feathers all over the kitchen!"

Depression and Rewards

There are lots of things in a depressed brain that work differently than a non-depressed brain. Depressed people, for example, feel uncomfortable when receiving compliments, whereas those without depression feel good when they are told something good about themselves.

A new study uncovers similar effects in young children to show that depressed children react differently to rewards than their non-depressed counterparts. Instead of experiencing joy and a motivation to continue to work towards a new reward, depressed kids have a blunted response that could impact their future motivation in work and life.

Home Alone Kills

Home Alone is one of my favourite Christmas movies of all time. Not only is it a fun and festive romp through childhood and The True Meaning of Christmas (in this case: family), but it is a great way to measure your true age. I knew I was getting older when I started to worry that those burglars were actually being brutally murdered over and over again by a sadistic 7 year-old kid.

Here's a fun animation to show you just how damaging Kevin was with that paint can.

Immunity and Psychosis

It's possible that psychosis is an immune disorder. A percentage of those experiencing psychosis in adulthood were revealed to have their immune system attacking specific neuroreceptors.

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