Cute! Roundup: Christmas portraits, two-legged cats, bear hugs, and more!

I think this is my last opportunity to share a picture of me and my one true love on Christmas! She looks... not so impressed with the fact that I made her pose for twenty gazillion selfies before I finally got us both in the frame AND worked with the Facebook holiday picture filters. (I spent most of that time trying to make the filter recognize Gertie's face. It never worked.)

Other Cuteness:

Have you SEEN this two-legged cat going down the stairs??? It is both adorable AND an inspiration!

This woman giving a bear a snow bath is sort of terrifying and cute at the same time.

A man and his hummingbird pal.

Giant dogs are the BEST!

Pup swim class.

Mamas take care of their little ones, even (and especially) swan mamas!

Not sure where this one falls on the creepy/cute scale. Probably more creepy. Sorry.

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