Inspiration! Roundup: Little kids with big dogs, Bhangra in Canada, Miyazaki's nature reserve, and more!

This Week's "I want to go to there":
Cozy socks, a mug of tea, and (not pictured) a book.
And I would be holding the tea in my hands, not with my feet.

Little Kids, Big Dogs

What is it that is so magical about this photo series of little kids with their giant dogs by Andy Seliverstoff?

Bhangra in Canada

Trying to get through winter in Canada? Try a little Bhangra while you shovel snow!

Knitting with Noodles

It's always wonderful to see art created out of unexpected materials. Singaporean artist Cynthia Delaney Suwito has taken to using instant noodles as her source material. She knits them and chemically freezes them, creating new and interesting pieces out of an otherwise overlooked foodstuff.

Miyazaki Nature Reserve

If you've seen the stunning and imaginative films of Hayao Miyazaki, you will instantly be over the moon to know that after retiring from filmmaking, he has devoted himself to creating a nature reserve for children that mirrors his made-up worlds. I KNOW, RIGHT??? If you haven't seen any Miyazaki films, get thee to a movie watching place (I don't think they're on Netflix, so you're on your own with finding them) and watch! Now!

Kalander Wheel

The Kalander burning wheel is pretty spectacular to watch. My friend shared it leading up to the winter solstice, now watch and know that the world is getting brighter. Thank goodness.

We're All Going to Die

With the advent of yet another beloved celebrity death (RIP Carrie Fischer), there's a lot of outpouring of sadness and mourning and "who's next?" happening online. Here is what a friend of mine had to say about it:
EEEK! We're all gonna DIE eeeeeee!
No disrespect intended as I admired
-the celebrity and actor Carrie Fisher too
-and of course I liked George Michaels
-and I adored Leonard Cohen to bits
-and Bowie, I mean of course
Look around at the people around you!!
There are folks, friends, relatives 53 years old like Michaels or 60 like Fisher or older - all around you!!
-spend some time with them
-or honour them,
-or honour yourselves,
-or honour each other,
-or at least @#$*(% pay attention and say hello!
-oh oh oh and maybe tell them you LOVE them (like you LOVE Carrie Fisher and George Michael),
-and find something they do that is awesome or a special story they have from THEIR lives you should hear
(a) if you choose,
(b) at least in addition to,
(c) or just carry on being in a reality warped by celebrityism and things watched on television. (and film and gaming and so on).k
Please pay more attention and FB time on those around you. I want to hear you rave about the "real people" in your life too. Or your own life. I really really DO! and not just icons and your pets. Much as I love pets.
-Leonora Grande
I found this to be a welcome reminder that while it's okay to be sad and mourn the loss of a great artist who changed our inner (and outer) lives, we have a whole community of people around us whose loss would be far far more devastating, and who we need to share our love with.

Here's to finishing 2016 spreading love far and wide!

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