So this is the New Year...

We're going to be talking about the new year here, so I suggest you listen to my favourite Death Cab for Cutie song, The New Year, while reading.

Okay, folks. We've just spent a month wallowing in all forms of consumerism, and now it's time for us to start imagining how we will be better people.

Maybe you're a person who likes to feel lofty and above it all (aka "better") because you are always growing and changing and don't need something arbitrary like a new year to motivate you to improve yourself. Well, good for you. I like to take opportunities to reflect and what better time to consider the bigger picture of your life than a new year.

I am going to start by asking myself some questions:

What am I grateful for this past year?

What am I grateful for in the sense that hard things make you stronger so I guess I'll say I'm grateful because I learned and grew even though it was actually sucky?

Where did I feel stuck?

Where did I feel possibility?

What were the little things that I enjoyed the most? Least?

What people and places made me feel strong/good/powerful/happy/energized/other positive feelings?

What people and places made me feel weak/bad/powerless/unhappy/tired/other negative feelings?

What is the relationship between these different people and places?

Where do I want to grow?

Where do I want to shrink?

How did I mean to spend my time and how did I actually spend my time?

What causes did I contribute to? What causes do I want to contribute to? How?

If someone was observing my life, what goals would they think I was pursuing? What goals do I actually want to pursue?

How the heck am I going to save enough money for the weddings that are coming down the pipeline this year?

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