Learning! Roundup: Glow worm puke traps, sleep disorders and Parkinson's, torture, passive aggression, and more!

Photo by Markrosenrosen

Glow Worm Puke Traps

Ready for today's "gross-cool" discovery? Cave glow-worms vomit long sticky urine threads to catch their prey. Pretty, though, right?

Google Time Lapse

Curious how our landscapes have changed over the years? Google Time Lapse will show you! Here is a collection of BC cities changing over the years, but you can find your own.

Sleep Disorders and Parkinson's

Sleep disorders like Rapid Eye Movement Behaviour Disorder (RBD), where people get up and act out their dreams, precede other neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's in about 80% of cases. That's huge! New research is starting to unpack the reasons why.

Does Torture Work? (NOPE)

Just in case Trump's claim that torture works really well has convinced you, maybe check the science on torture first. It actually really, really doesn't work. Mostly, it induces false confessions. This is great if all you want is a confession. Terrible if you want to actually find out the truth about a situation.

Passive-Aggressive Branding

Here's a fun relationship game: when you're mad at your partner and are doing the shopping, do you buy your preferred brand, or theirs? If you feel like you are lower in relationship power than your partner, than you are probably going to buy your brand as a way to vent frustration against them. Is this a satisfying way to get back at them for leaving the dishes out again?

Horse Helpers

Who do horses turn to in times of trouble? Humans, it turns out! New research shows that when horses are met with a problem they don't know how to solve, they will take steps to get the attention of humans and "ask" for help. This is kind of nice, since I always feel like humanity is a blight on most of the animal kingdom.

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