Angela Jones is marrying Neville Longbottom and that's fine, but she needs to take me under her wing now

I don't get particularly excited about celebrity in and of itself, what is celebrity except being a person who a lot of people know? Big whoop, am I right?

Yet, I hit fangirl level MAX pretty easily. There are artists and musicians who I respect deeply and who I feel a connection with through their work. Who I know (with zero trace of delusion, obviously), would want to be besties and collaborators, if we only got the opportunity to meet and be bosom friends for life.

Then there are fantastical worlds that I just wrap myself up in and never want to leave and I get very excited about anything to do with those words (cough - Harry Potter - cough) and would maybe die if I encountered them in a real way, because WHY AREN'T THEY REAL???

The few opportunities I have had to meet artists I love and respect, I have imagined somehow being able to start a conversation with them where they realize that we are kindred spirits and invite me to hang out with them on tour for a year while we create integrative art/theatre projects that will blow everyone's minds (or whatever, you know, I'm easy).

Launching a best-friendship with a famous (or semi-famous) person you're meeting in a fan-type situation is tricky. There's an essential balance where you have to seem cool and not too excited and interesting and show that you like their work and have a connection to it without gushing because then they'll just think of you as a "fan" and not "their new soul sister."

The best I've managed so far is to play it so cool they wonder why the heck I'm even there OR to say something like, "I really enjoy your work," while staring at them with eyes that communicate the lifelong union of our souls and are definitely the creepiest thing ever.

This is why I need to take Angela Jones out for a drink. This gal managed to snag NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM (aka Matthew Lewis, I guess he has a real name)! They are engaged! You know how it happened? They met at a Wizarding World event in Orlando. SHE MET NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM AT A FAN EVENT AND IS NOW MARRYING HIM.

Okay, so it helps that she is perfectly beautiful in the classic sense that apparently makes boys turn into me when I'm trying to talk to Amy Grant (don't judge, I grew up on her music and she is basically family - in my heart, not reality) and so he probably was the one stuttering and trying to figure out how to play it cool while still showing interest (seriously, how do people do this???).

But still. She was at a fan-bait event and talking to someone from Harry Potter and managed to be normal and interesting enough that they not only talked again, but a LOT more and are now getting married?

This gal needs to teach lessons.

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