Learning! Does sarcasm make you more creative?

Does sarcasm make you more creative?

Sarcasm is a great way to let someone know you think they're an idiot.  In fact, past research has shown that people perceive sarcastic comments ("Don't work too hard, Pat") as more belittling than a direct criticism ("Hey Pat, stop playing computer games and get back to work").

New research has shown that there is an upside to sarcasm (aside, of course, from hilarity).  It turns out that sarcastic conversations can make both participants more creative.

In the study, participants were provided with scripts that were sarcastic, sincere, or neutral and entered into a conversation with a partner who did not know the script.  In later tests of creative thinking, both people who participated in the sarcastic conversation (even the person who didn't know the script) performed better than those from other groups.

So, next time you are stuck for an idea, maybe call a friend and get a little sarcastic repartee going.  It may hurt their feelings, but it will make you both more creative.

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