How much money could you get for the elements in your body, and other fun facts about you and me.

Here is a fun website!  Using your birthdate, gender, height, and weight, the BBC can tell you a whole host of details about your precious little body.

Some fun facts about my soul-cocoon:

It has a magnificent 3.8 million sweat glands (that explains something).

The elements in my body are worth about $2,118.  I'll take it!

Anyone who wants to murder me: you'd only need .005-.05oz of arsenic.

If I were to wear the ant man suit, my atoms could reduce to the size of a red blood cell.

My ovaries weigh .2lbs and about 1 inch cubed in size.

I have "shed my skin" 429 times.

They say I have shed 352 fl oz of tears, but they don't know how easily I cry.

If I weren't keeping on top of it, my armpit hair could have grown 78 inches.  Sweeeeeet.

Try it out!  How much money is your body worth?  Share your favourite results.

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