Learning! These jellyfish make you feel doom is on the horizon

Here's something Sebastien the crab didn't sing about when he extolled the virtues of life under the sea in The Little Mermaid: a jellyfish whose sting brings on "a feeling of impending doom."

Yes, that's right, this jellyfish sting not only gives pain, but causes anxiety and a sense that it's all over.  You're going down.  There is no point in fighting.  Doom is imminent.  And this is before they have started to feel the "relentless nausea and vomiting" and lower back pain "like an electric drill."

Interestingly, the same feeling of impending doom comes from both cardiac arrest and nutmeg overdose.

Guess what part of the world these jellyfish are common?  Did you guess Australia, home to every scary thing from nature?  Then you guessed right.

It's called the Irukandji, and you might just want to avoid that part of the ocean.

Source: The Science of Us.

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