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Ever wish you had more followers?  An entourage?  Paparazzi?  Wonder what it's like to have a stalker?  Brooklyn-based artist Lauren McCarthy's newest project can help you with that.  It's called Follower, and if you sign up, you literally get to have someone follow you around for a day.

If you get chosen, you simply get a text message on the morning of your following letting you know that there will be someone observing you.  At the end of the day, you get a goodbye message with a photo from your day.

It's such a fascinating look at our desire to be observed and share our lives, combined with our fear of "big brother" watching every move.

One of the things about this that I find most interesting is how she frames herself as a sort of supportive companion-at-a-distance.

"Right now I (Lauren McCarthy) am the only Follower. I have honed my ability to pay attention and follow with empathy and care. I will not intervene in your life in any way, but instead remain a casual observer in support of you. ... Your Follower acts as a passive observer and remote companion"

It sounds super interesting. Right now it's obviously directly connected to wherever McCarthy is. She launched the project in San Francisco ("the home of 'human on demand' services") and now operates out of New York. So hey, if you're travelling to New York anytime soon, consider signing up for Follower as a part of our tourist experience. How cool would that be?

Photos by Lauren McCarthy from her Follower project

PS: Did anyone else watch the video and think "oh my WORD, is salting your white wine a thing that people do?!?!!"? Because I did, and now I've looked into it and it is actually a thing! The CTO of Microsoft adds salt to his red wine. I didn't find anything on salting white wine though, like that woman does, just a bunch of articles about how wine has a bit of salt naturally in it.

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