Bitmojis, guys! BITMOJIS!!!!


Probably, you do, because for a person who writes about things on the internet I am always pretty far behind the internet.

Yesterday I was unexpectedly grumpy (someone had a case of the Mondays) and I asked my friends on Facebook to send me cute or funny pictures to cheer me up. I got a bunch of awesome adorable animals and hilarious babies in my feed, and those went a long way to brightening my mood, but the kicker was bitmojis. BITMOJIS! A friend sent me a series of hilarious and sympathetic bitmojis and I was instantly elevated from Grumpsville to Joy Town.

Then, in the evening, TWO OTHER FRIENDS sent me bitmojis and it was clear that the universe wanted me to communicate using only bitmojis, because unlike normal pictures that are worth 1,000 words, these are worth five bajillion words.

So now, just in case you are like me and had no idea what these magical little images are all about, I bring you, my top favourite bitmojis.  Go forth, download the free app, and create your own.

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