Do you know what I Can't Feel My Face is really about?

The other night (and by the other night, I mean like two months ago, because I have no concept of time) my friends and I were watching an endless video stream of Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync Battles (as you do), and Tom Cruise pretended to sing The Weeknd's I Can't Feel My Face.

Did you know that the song is not confusingly about how he loves some girl so much that he's so happy he can't feel his face?  That it's actually about DRUGS?  Yes, that's right, it's about how when you're high on cocaine you can't feel your face.


Okay, so if you've ever done coke I guess this is not a surprise for you, but I have not, and so I was surprised.

Live and learn, guys!

(Also, did you know that when you look up a song on Wikipedia the description includes what key the song was written in and its tempo?  I did not expect such detailed information.)

(I don't really like the song, otherwise I would put this fun tidbit into a Singalong! post, so instead I'm just dropping it, out of the blue. But I will share the video in case you don't know what the heck I'm talking about.)

Photo by Jarould

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