vancouvering: cool things happening in january

There are things happening in Vancouver!  Here's a few I think sound cool:

The Human Library | Normally I wouldn't put something theatre-related in here because, well, conflict of interest, much?  But The Human Library represents everything I love about theatre: people sharing a space and seeing themselves reflected in someone else.  Experiencing the world through someone else's eyes.  And it's participatory!  Beaut.

Luminescence at The Vancouver Aquarium | Jellyfish are beautiful.  A group of them is called a "smack".  Enjoy.

Yoga and Writing Workshop | East Side Yoga hosts a lot of cool workshops, but this one strikes me as especially awesome.  The connection between creativity and our bodies is so strong.  Learn how to tap into it!

Westcoast Geeks vs. Nerds | A debate-style comedy show that has geeks and nerds in the title.  Sweet.

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