learning! the brain is mightier than the camera

Technology skeptics, raise your fists with me in a triumphant huzzah! And then read the rest of the study and shrug your shoulders.

Photo by Andreas Solberg.

Taking a picture of a work of art does not help you remember it. However, take a detail shot of an up-close part of the picture and you remember it just as well.

So basically, when we stand back and take a picture instead of just appreciating the beauty before us, we tell our brains not to bother remembering it because the camera did, but if you take an up-close shot your brain knows that only a portion is saved and remembers the overall picture. So if you're going to be trigger happy with your phone camera, recording every piece of art or concert or whatever else you experience in life, take the time to frame a nice detail shot. You'll probably get a more interesting photo, and you'll remember it!

Read the full story at the Wall Street Journal.

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