This Week's Gratitude & Delight Roundup

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This week I have been grateful for:

A friend who picked up a faux plant from Ikea for me and when I picked it up from her it was way lighter than expected because it was so much easier to carry home.

Going to bed with my body tired from physical activity because it felt so good.

Got an article written and submitted because it was hanging over my head.

The person who accidentally took a key home from work was able to return it quickly because I didn't have to troubleshoot and it was a relief.

A board member's generous and caring response when I contacted her with an issue I didn't know what to do with because it felt like she really cared.

D&D! Because it is always fun and the friends I play with feel like familiy.

Good weather for biking to and from work because that makes life more pleasant.

Seeing my bestie for video chat happy hour because I got to see her dang face!

Being outside in the sun because it makes me feel alive.

A great staff meeting where we came up with some awesome ideas together because it feels like we are working towards something.

This week's delight:
- Grocery shopping with a toddler who danced while pushing the cart and noticed when the music was too quiet to dance to.
- The woman who ran out of the IGA to feel the sudden hailstorm.
- The movie Mars Attacks!

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