This Week's Delight & Gratitude Roundup

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 This week I have been grateful for:

Getting some things cleared up with my coworkers so we were on the same page because it makes things SO MUCH EASIER.

A power outage that let me go home in the middle of the afternoon (to work from home) because it made the second half of the day feel so chill.

My friend leading a meditation/scripture reading practice because she holds space so well and it was very peaceful.

Going for a walk with some friends in real life because three dimensions are a relief over two.

Seeing my doctor about an easily-dismissable issue that she has also had and so she was really sympathetic because it felt validating!

Myself for getting my closet shelf fixed and re-mounted securely after it ripped out of the wall because I now have a closet again and also it made me feel capable!

This week's delight:
- A picture of my nephew looking at the snow like a little dreamer.
- Seeing the tail of some creature flip into the ocean--it was probably a seal but maybe an orca? Or a mermaid? Or a sea monster???? It could be anything, really!

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