Want a Luxurious Life? Go to Bed Early

Recently, I made a realization that filled me with such joy: my group chats now tend to fade out between 9-10pm and then fade back in as early as 6am.

We are officially boring adults, y'all! And it feels like we won the lottery. Boring adults do whatever the heck they want without worrying about being cool. They still have fun, it's just far less strenuous. It's comfortable fun. Who doesn't like being comfortable???

But one of the best parts of all of it is the early bedtime. Early bedtimes are glorious. They are luxurious. Other people think they are childish and that grownups stay up late past 10pm, but I ask you, why???
Why stay up when literally the only thing you are doing is scrolling social media while another show plays on your TV and you still have to wake up at the same time tomorrow morning?
Why choose slouching on your couch over curling up on a BED that cradles your tired body and a BLANKET that nestles you into a world of comfort and warmth???

Why would you resign yourself to a life waking up feeling instantly miserable when you could wake up feeling only kind of unhappy? Neutral?? Maybe, sometimes, rested??? Dare we say, happy????
Why would you prioritize yawning your way through anything when you could just treat yourself like you matter and go to bed?

My bedtime isn't even that early, as early bedtimes go. I generally start getting ready around 9:30 so that I can read a little of my book and have lights out by 10. In a perfect world I would push it by 30 more minutes and be cozied up with my book around 9:15 but I can never quite do it.

But here's the thing: 6-9pm is PLENTY of time in the evening to meet up with a friend (or have a video "happy hour"), watch some episodes of a show, cook a meal, catch up on your emails, or otherwise get something done before drifting towards bed.
(And for all the parents reading this, I guess I'll say that 6-9pm is likely enough time to slog your way through dinner, bath time, and wrestling your kids to bed and then I understand the urge to have some alone/adult time and stay up later so do what you must but what if that alone/adult time was treating yourself like the precious being you are who also deserves rest?)
Yes, in the beforetimes there was occasionally karaoke or an out of town friend or a Celine Dion concert that took precedence over bedtime. Flexibility is a wonderful thing. But once you get used to the sweet bliss of an early bedtime, you'll realize that those exceptions had better be worth it.

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  1. Neat! Very. I do this, and I agree. Nicely written, also.