Things We Can Feel So Strongly We Want Everyone to Feel This Way and Forget Their Lives Are Different

An animated gif clip from Parks and Recreation. Leslie Knope is standing still with her arms out and the text says, "I'm having so many thoughts and feelings that I'm paralyzed right now.

1) Overwhelming love for our parents or children or even siblings. The kind that makes us tell other people that it doesn't matter what's going on, family is precious, call your parents or child or sibling and tell them you love them, not knowing whether that person has family, loves their family, or is loved back by their family.

2) More overwhelming love for our children. The "I can't imagine living life without this love" kind of love that drives us to tell other people they should be having children as well, not knowing if they want kids, are unable to have kids, or had kids who rejected them.

3) The joy of doing a job that feels like it aligns with our life purpose and doesn't feel like work and so we tell everyone to follow their bliss and do what they love so they never work a day in their life even though we have no idea what their financial and professional realities might actually be. Or whether they get similar satisfaction in other parts of their life.

4) The bliss of new love/infatuation when you feel like the world was made for just you two and you start telling other people to do whatever it was that you did to find your partner. (Get on the apps! Get off the apps! Date someone you think might be boring but it turns out they're just stable! Act casual! Be direct!)

5) The ecstasy of finishing a really tough physical activity that leads us to think everyone needs to just get off their butts and climb a mountain or sign up for crossfit because it's so achievable and you did it and so can they! (Even if there are many reasons why they can't or don't want to.)

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