Franck Bohbot's Dear Winter

New York photographer Franck Bohbot captured an unusually quiet city during the winter of 2020. (It may never sleep but it sure does lull.) These shots remind me of when my cousin volunteered as a doctor in NYC during the first wave. He took a photo when he went for a jog and Times Square was EMPTY. So weird.

A photo of New York City in the pandemic winter. It's night time. Everything is covered in snow. There is what looks like a hotel entrance, with it's long awning, decorated with a string of coloured lights. One person stands near the entrance.

A photo of the Washington Square arch in New York City during the winter of 2020 and a global pandemic. It is night. It is snowing. There are a few solo people standing around it, looking at it, silhouettes in the dark. The closest person appears to be a young woman, perhaps wearing a head scarf of some kind. She has a dog.

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