Turns Out, Self-Acceptance is Anti-Capitalist

"Reject elitist markers of success & rejoice in your inherent value as a person."

I am coming to realize that one of the core tenets of my journey of self-acceptance (the one I wrote a book about and yet am... still not arrived? Continue to find things to learn and distance to travel?) is, at its core, kind of anti-capitalist and anti-colonial.

The struggle with self-worth the issue isn't just internal. We don't sit down and evaluate our own worth in a vacuum. It's an interaction between our inner reality, our actions, and all the cultural values that have been thrust on us that measures worth in career, status, wealth, relationship, and other (as the quote goes) elitist markers of success.

If you can get to the point of truly believing you have inherent value, no matter what you produce, what you earn, or how much influence you have, if you can accept and even love yourself for who you are, full stop, then, whether you meant to or not, you have taken a huge step in rejecting the capitalist and colonial structures that tell us the opposite.

How neat!

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