What's Your Role?

February is Black History Month. It's as perfect a time as any to reflect and re-up on your anti-racism commitments, with a specific focus on anti-Black racism that may be present in you and the world around you.
(If you have yet to start doing this work, then by all means! Why not get started??? It's like that old saying about planting trees, "The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is today." You can't go back twenty years and start then, nor can you go back twenty times twenty years to change what your ancestors did, so I guess you just have today.)

One useful question to ask yourself as you reflect on your contribution is simply, "What's my role?" How do we, as individuals with our own specific interests and skills, contribute to the work?
To answer that question, try The Social Change Ecosystem Map, developed by Deepa Iyer with the Building Movement Project.

An image of a "map", the text says "Social Change Ecosystem Roles", in it there is a central circle that says "equity, liberation, justice, solididarity" and around it are multiple circles with roles that work towards that goal, each one connected to the central circle by a flowing line. The external circles, or roles, say: weavers, experimenters, frontline responders, visionaries, builders, caregivers, disrupters, healers, storytellers, and guides.
Deepa Iyer, Building Movement Project. SM, © 2018 Deepa Iyer.
All rights reserved. All prior licenses revoked.

Iyer has created an EXCELLENT framework and guide to identifying your own role. Check it out. I am carving out some time this weekend for myself to go through her worksheets, answer the questions, and reflect more deeply on my role as I continue to grow in this work.

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