Shocking Discovery: It Feels Good to Feel Good

An animated gif illustration of a cat sitting on a comfy chair beside a fire reading a book.

BREAKING: Did you know that making sure you are physically comfortable is an important part of being content???

This includes:

- Making sure I am warm enough (or not too warm) and comfortable in my clothes.

- Eating when I am hungry.

- Going to the bathroom when I have to go to the bathroom.

- Stretching/varying my body positions so I don't slowly solidify into one, compact, shape.

As per my earlier post about embracing (or at least accepting) fall for what it is, I have been really leaning into physical comfort this season, and WOW! I really feel like it's making a huge difference in my overall mood and experience of life!

Like, I feel better when I feel better! Say wha???

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