Stretch Your Way Through Zoom Calls

An animated gif of a football player sitting on the field doing a forward fold stretch, he's pulling his feet back one at a time so it almost looks like a dance

I recently discovered the BEST way to keep engaged through long Zoom calls: STRETCHING!

Zoom fatigue isn't just mental, y'all. It's PHYSICAL. And because our bodies are wild little ecosystems, the physical and the mental impact one another in a big ol' way.

Depending on the type of call you're on, this may be easier or harder. Obviously, if you can turn your camera off you're free to stretch however you want, but I have even done it with my camera on without really being noticed. Just set your laptop up on a coffee table or chair so that you can sit on the ground while being face-level to the camera and stretch away!

The only real downside I have found is that I wind up having to flip my self-view back on quite a bit to make sure I'm still in the frame and looking reasonable.

Bonus: I genuinely believe that when our bodies are more flexible, our minds are too (it's the wild little ecosystem at work), so maybe you'll come up with better ideas if you stretch while you talk.

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