When You're Definitely Not Okay But You're Trying to Dance Anyway

This tweet is (obviously) from the pre-US-election days, but I still think about the girl in this video. She's out dancing and trying to have a good time but is also so sad and her friends just don't even seem to notice? The one is having a great time and another is like, "Hey it's PICTURE TIME!" and she is literally wiping tears off her face!

What's the story here? Is she trying to get over a breakup? Is this song some kind of sadness trigger for her? Is she a party hostage? Did her and her friends agree before the party started that she would be weepy but she didn't want them to acknowledge it? WHAT IS HAPPENING???

And what about the rest of us? What is our version of "I'm really not okay but I'm trying to be okay so I'm going to go through some motions but it's really, incredibly obvious that I'm definitely not okay."

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