Setting Goals for 2021 That Won't Tempt Fate and May Even Be Fun

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Alright folks, the new year is upon us! Time to shape up! Time to snap out of the mulled wine and cookie haze and look at the future! Time to start thinking about GOALS!

Before you get too excited with your "This is Gonna Be My Year" plans, remember: a lot of us walked into 2020 making sweeping declarations about what that year was going to be like and look where that lead us. Maybe part of the lesson of 2020 is to just chill a bit about the grand statements and keep things a little smaller, a little more focused.

If resolutions or goals are your kind of thing (turns out that we humans are basically at our best while we are working towards something, so if they aren't, maybe look into it?), I recently came across a simple, but lovely framework for goal-setting: set a goal for your work, a goal for your life, and a goal for your soul.

That's it!

I came across this idea in October and decided to set goals for November and/or the rest of the year. (I was unsure how long they would take.)

For my soul, I wanted to meditate every day.

For my work, I wanted to actively pursue publication of my writing.

For my life, I wanted to be able to do the splits again.

(If you are into goal-setting, you may not be surprised to learn that the one I have most enthusiastically pursued is doing the splits, since it was the only "SMART" goal that actually involved progressing towards a desired outcome.)

The real beauty of this framework is that it helped me set goals that were small and not all that serious (I really just asked myself what I wanted without getting too deep into it) while still adding to my quality of life and some greater desires for myself.

I'm going to try keeping at this, setting smallish goals for 2-3 month seasons of life with an added category of community, because I also want to spend my life doing things to make my community better.

While these goals certainly can build towards a larger-scale "strategic" goal for my life, I am going to prioritize fun (because I am trying not to forget the lessons from my summer of fun).

Want to join me?

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